Ahad, 8 Disember 2013

Biasiswa ExxonMobil Dibuka (Tutup: 28 Disember 2013)

Assalamualaikum, kepada calon lepasan SPM 2013, anda kini sudah boleh memohon untuk mendapatkan tajaan untuk melanjutkan pengajian khususnya dalam bidang Kejuruteraan dan Geosains di Amerika Syarikat. Program penuh ini adalah peluang yang dibuka oleh ExxonMobil Exploration and Production of Malaysia untuk mereka yang berminat.

Silahlah lihat iklan tawaran ini yang tarikh permohonan terakhir adalahpada 28 Disember 2013 ini dan nama yang telah terpilih akan ditemu duga pada 11 Januari 2014 (Sabtu) dan 12 Januari 2014 (Ahad) di Kuala Lumpur. 

Anda juga diingatkan untuk bersabar ketika mahu memohon secara dalam talian dan dijangkan akan mengambil masa lebih kurang 1 jam setengah dan diminta untuk bersabar ketika mahu menghantar permohonan di laman web mereka. Sila baca langkah-langkah di bawah:

ExxonMobil Exploration and Production of Malaysia has opened their Special Internship Program, SIP, application process. The special internship program (full undergraduate scholarships) is targeted for students who will take the 2013 SPM test and would like to study engineering or geoscience in the United States of America. A great opportunity indeed!
Please spread the word about this special internship opportunity by posting this announcement on your Facebook page, by Twitter, via other social networks, by email to your friends and family members (please ask them to spread the word too), by notifying appropriate teachers and staff in your high school, etc.
The special internship application deadline is Saturday, Dec. 28, 2013 with shortlisted candidates scheduled to be interviewed on Saturday, January 11, 2014 or Sunday, January 12, 2014 in KL.
Please note that runner up candidates will be recommended for other scholarship opportunities*. It will take about 1.5 hours (depending on your internet connection, it may take longer to submit - please be patient) to complete the online application. Many of our current scholarship recipients almost missed this opportunity by taking the attitude that they will never get it -- it doesn't cost you a thing for trying, but if you do not apply, you will not even be considered!

In order to apply for a scholarship, you will be using the ExxonMobil job/career online portal. Don't be confused, we know that you are not applying for a job and we will properly identify you as a scholarship candidate.
To apply:
  1. Complete the candidate page via http://vupave.com/14sipcandidate.php in order to receive periodic updates and other important notices.
  2. View www.exxonmobil.com/careers/my and follow the instructions below:
    • Click on the "online application" link - see the left hand column;
    • Click on the "Search openings" link;
    • Click on the "Search" link at the bottom of the page - please DO NOT make any selections on the page;
    • Click on the "Special Internship Program 2014 (SPM 2013)" link; and,
    • Read the instructions and submit the required documents using ExxonMobil's "Apply to job" system (you really are applying for a scholarship). You will need to "Create a login" first.
    • You may leave non-required fields blank (e.g., cover letter)
    • When uploading your CV/resume (see sample CV at http://vupave.com/cv-sample), ensure the following information is included in the CV/resume (please only provide the requested information):
      • Results of the following items (Please do not list aggregate scores like 4 A+, 5 A, etc. Please list the scores and the corresponding subjects; you can scan in your actual results or use MS Word to type up your information and upload your CV/resume and typed in information as one document - by far the easiest thing to do):
        1. Form 3 results (mid-term & PMR Trial(s)).
        2. Form 3 overall school/form/overall ranking.
        3. PMR results.
        4. Form 4 results (mid-term & finals).
        5. Form 4 overall school/form/overall ranking.
        6. Form 5 results (mid-term).
        7. Form 5 overall school/form/overall ranking.
        8. SPM Trial results.
        9. If from SBP/MRSM, your SBP/MRSM Trial results too.
        10. List extracurricular activities with, if appropriate, title(s) (e.g. Vice President of the Student Government)
        11. SPM results (you will need to update your account again with this info immediately once the 2013 SPM results are out - uploading them to the attachment section).
    • You will also need to send a softcopy of this CV directly tosip2014@exxonmobil.com, (subject line : SIP 2014 Request: "YOUR FULL NAME": "SCHOOL")
    • When completing the online application you will come to the "Candidate information" section. When you do, please respond as follows:
      • Under the "* indicate the name of your national ID" inquiry: Respond with "NRIC"
      • Under the "* National ID number" inquiry: Respond by filling in your IC number
      • Under the "* indicate the name of your tax ID" inquiry: Respond by filling in "-"
      • Under the "* Tax identification number" inquiry: Respond by filling in "-"
      • Under the "* Indicate when you will be available for employment" inquiry: Respond with the drop down menu "I am immediately available to work"
      • Under the "* Indicate your expected monthly gross salary" inquiry: Respond by filling in "-"
      • Under the "Are you willing to relocate" inquiry: Respond by choosing "yes"
    • When you have come to the "Education" section, please respond as follows:
      • Under the "* Select your degree in progress..." inquiry: Respond with the drop down menu:No degree
      • Under the "* Did you graduate from high school?" inquiry: Respond with: Yes
      • Under the "indicate the date of your graduate inquiry," respond by filling in your expectedhigh school graduation date
    • When you have come to the "Work Experience" section which inquires "* Do you have work experience" please respond: No
    • In the "Technical Skills" section, please specify any technical/ software skills that you think is related to Geoscience and Engineering (if relevant, otherwise, leaving them blank is also acceptable)
    • Other documents that needs to be uploaded (under the "Attachments" section):
      • Relevant certificates and awards (co-curriculum activities)
  3. Update your SPM result once the actual result is out:
    • Go to www.exxonmobil.com/careers/my
    • Click on the "online application" link - see the left hand column
    • Log in with your email - see the right hand column
    • Select "edit your profile"
    • Select "attachments" and upload your latest SPM result here
If you have any questions about this special internship opportunity or application problems, please send an email to sip2014@exxonmobil.com (subject line: 2014 Special Internship Opportunity Inquiry)

* This is not a guarantee that you will receive any other scholarship offers and we do not have any influence with other agencies or keep track of who has received any other scholarship offers; we strongly recommend that you apply for other scholarships too.

Semoga berjaya permohonan anda hendaknya.

Isnin, 2 Disember 2013

Peluang Pekerjaan Di Boustead Heavy Industry

Assalamualaikum, peluang kerjaya untuk para alumni yang masih belum mendapat tempat perkerjaan. Di Boustead Heavy Industry memerlukan lebih 300 orang pekerja mahir untuk projek vessel dan submarine di Lumut, Kota Kinabalu, Pulau Pinang dan Langkawi.

Jika anda atau siapa yang ada adik-adik atau saudara mara atau kenalan yang mempunyai Diploma mekanikal, elektrik, elektronik atau sijil kemahiran MARA dalam bidang elektrik, elektronik, maritim, mekanikal, dan kimpalan, sila email cv/resume ke mfaizma@mara.gov.my

Dear All,
Job Opportunities FYI


Urgent Opening for Multiple Positions in Nigeria-Qatar-Kuwait-UAE-Oman-Korea-Saudi Arabia with EPC Company’s Project, Send CV's on talent@dss-hr.com


1. Kindly Mention The Name Of Position In Subject Line.
2. Candidate Must Have Relevant Experience.
3. Should Have Valid Passport.
4. Degree/Diploma/ITI/Certificate In Relevant Field Is Preferred.
5. In Case Of Overseas Experience Candidate Must Have Proper Exit From Deployed Country.
6. Experience: Engineer/Operator/Inspector/Controller (06+ Yrs), Sr Engineer (12+ Yrs), Manager (15+ Yrs),

Project Details: Oil/Petrochem/Power/Steel Plant Construction Projects

01. Position: Electrical Test & Commissioning Foreman
02. Position: Electrical Test & Commissioning Electrician or Operator
03. Position: Utility Engineer (Steel plant)
04. Position: TQM Specialist (Steel plant)
05. Position: Civil Engineer (Steel plant)
06. Position: Furnace Operator (Steel plant)
07. Position: Lifting Supervisor & Rigging Supervisor
08. Position: Architecture Project Control Engineer
09. Position: Civil Earthwork Superintendent
10. Position: Civil Engineer Chinese Language
11. Position: FOC Design Engineer
12. Position: Mechanical Design Engineer
13. Position: Piping Design Engineer
14. Position: Process Design Engineer
15. Position: Civil Structure Design Engineer
16. Position: Scaffholder
17. Position: Crane Operator
18. Position: Fire Fighting Engineer
19. Position: QC Inspector/Supervisor (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Instrument, Architectural)
20. Position: Port Captain
21. Position: Chief Engineer
22. Position: Chief Mate
23. Position: Port Engineer
24. Position: Cost & Plan Engineer
25. Position: Project Manager 
26. Position: Piping Supervisor
27. Position: Electrical Engineers
28. Position: Safety Engineer
29. Position: Safety Officers
30. Position: Construction Supervisor (Electrical)
31. Position: Planning Engineer (Mechanical/Electrical/Civil)
32. Position: Maintenance Planner (Electrical & Instrument)
33. Position: Staff/Male Nurse
34. Position: Construction Supervisor (Mechanical)
35. Position: Construction Supervisor (Civil)
36. Position: QA Engineer(Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Architectural)
37. Position: HSE Engineer
38. Position: HSE Inspector
39. Position: Document Controller
40. Position: Engineer (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Architectural)
41. Position: Foreman (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Architectural)
42. Position: Store Keeper
43. Position: Material Controller
44. Position: Procurement Engineer/Manager
45. Position: Project Engineer
46. Position: Project Controller/Coordinator
47. Position: Engineer(Static/Rotating) Equipments
48. Position: Piping Engineer, Piping Inspector
49. Position: Welding Engineer, Welding Inspector
50. Position: Steel Structure Engineer, Steel Structure Inspector
51. Position: Information Technology Engineer
52. Position: Discipline Engineer
53. Position: CAD Operator
54. Position: Buyer
55. Position: Business Administrator/Coordinator
56. Position: Secretary
57. Position: Clerk
58. Position: Lead Structural Engineer (Civil/Mechanical)
59. Position: Sr Piping Engineer
60. Position: Sr Plant Layout Engineer (Piping)
61. Position: Sr Stress Engineer (Piping)
62. Position: Sr Piping Designer
63. Position: Sr Electrical Engineer
64. Position: Lead Instrument Engineer
65. Position: Control Panel Engineer
66. Position: Field DCS Operator
67. Position: Commissioning Engineer (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical)

Inform pada saudara mara dan sahabat handai yang memerlukan kerja. Semoga berjaya.

Terima kasih.

Ahad, 1 Disember 2013

Keputusan Pemilihan Jawatankuasa Penaja Alumni SBPI Selandar

Assalamualaikum, pada 26 Oktober 2013 yang lalu satu jawatankuasa penaja Alumni SBPI Selandar sudah dilantik melalui pemilihan secara dalam talian dan telah pun diumumkan. Bagi sesiapa yang masih belum mengetahui jawatankuasa tersebut, berikut adalah nama-nama yang dilantik mengikut batch SPM.

Diharapkan mereka yang dilantik akan dapat memberikan kerjasama dan sokongan untuk sebarang aktiviti yang dirancang dan yang akan dijalankan. Untuk makluman, jawatankuasa ini akan terus digunakan sehingga Alumni SBPI Selandar dapat ditubuhkan dengan rasminya kelak.

Segala perubahan dan pindaan akan dimaklumkan kemudian.

Abu Hanifah Zamberi
Tariq Taufekh
Syahirah Roslan

Zarin Syukri Zaili
Nur Qayyum Muahamad Sanuri
Khairul Raihan
Saidatul Fatiha Abd Ghaffar

Ziad Firdaus Zaid
Nabeela Bt Abu Kassim
Syazwan Abdullah
Ellya Nabila Ab Jalil

Alyaa Sakinah  Abd Razak
Sharina Farhana Bt Nor Sa'ari
Faiz Yusoff
Haris Ayub

Syimir Izaan Bin Sazman
Afiq Muizzuddeen B Alias
Nurfadhilah Bt Zainudin
Nurul Aida Bt Shamsul Mushrin
Nurul Atiqah Binti Abd Rawi
Izyan Zulaikha

Muhammad Asyraf Bin Ibrahim
Nur Syazana Binti Rosli
Syahid Asyraaf Bin Shamsudin
Natashah Nabilah

Nurin Nadzlah Bt Abu Bakar
Hazim Hafiz Bin Ismail
Mohd Fahmi Omar
Nur Ain Syuhadah Bt Ab Rahman

Arif Syazwan Bin Azmi
Ainul Izzati Mohd Jamili
Muhamad Lukhman Bin Hashim
Nur Athirah Zainal

Terima kasih atas undian dan pemilihan anda semua warga ExSBPISelandar atas sokongan yang berterusan ini.

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